Embroidery Essentials Deluxe Supply Kit
Coral Daisy Creates

Embroidery Essentials Deluxe Supply Kit

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Christie's favorite items are included in this kit that will make your embroidery easier and give you all of the items you need!  If you are ready to get started with embroidery, I would recommend ordering this supply kit, and one of the other kits we offer. This kit has the essentials that you will eventually want to have...and I am very partial to the hoop in the kit.   While a pin cushion may seem "extra" it's definitely helpful! 

Kit includes:

  • 7" Non-slip hoop
  • Tomato Pincushion (assorted colors, let us choose)
  • Embroidery scissors (with a titanium rainbow finish!)
  • 2 Needle threaders
  • Assorted sizes embroidery needles

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