Tulip Embroidery Needles No 6 Sharp Tip
Tulip Company Limited

Tulip Embroidery Needles No 6 Sharp Tip

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Needles matter-I actually called my mom about a year ago and said, "Do needles matter?"

Her immediate response was YES! They do matter and there is nothing worse than a yucky needle. Tulip needles are my FAVORITE for embroidery because they just glide through your fabric! These are easier to thread because they have a larger eye. I know that there are less expensive needles out there...but you can definitely feel the difference stitching with these amazing needles. 

  • Large Eye
  • Flexible and warp resistant
  • Run smoothly through fabric
  • Plastic case to hold needles

Contains 8 needles. #6 Embroidery Needles Sharp Tip per package. Actual needle size is .76mm x 39.7mm.